Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Will...NOT BILL!

I don't get it. I really don't.

Where does one derive Bill, from William?

Today at work I recieved an email about actual work (that does actually happen from time to time, believe it or not) and I worked it, finished it and then emailed the woman back to let her know it was all taken care of.

A couple minutes later the woman emails me back saying, "Thanks Bill....".

I want to email back "WHERE DOES IT SAY MY NAME IS BILL?!?!?!?", but that would be rude and honestly she doesn't know how I feel about it, so it would be really uncalled for and make me look like an asshole (which I am not!).

It just makes me wonder where Bill really comes from. I mean I don't begrudge people who like to be called 'Bill', but it's not for me. Never has been, never will be.

I just don't understand how that would be the first thought when someone hears the name William. When I see the name William my first thought is to call that person Will, not Bill.

I mean it's like someone being named Michael and your first thought would be to call them Fike instead of Mike. That's fucking retarded, right? Exactly my point.

It's stupid and annoying.

It, also, doesn't help that when I hear the name Bill I think of someone wearing overalls with no shirt on underneath, playing a banjo, with a piece of hay sticking out of their mouth.

Basically a local inbred right out of Deliverance.

Just for me to hear someone call me Bill makes me visibly cringe. It's pretty bad.

So, let's stop butching my name. Please? I need it to stop for my own sanity!