Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fatty McButterpants

OK So I realize I'm not "fat", but I'm definitely overweight.

I blame it all on my wife, Kim. I, also, blame my grey hairs and bad back on her too, but that's a different blog altogether.

See before I met Kimmy, I worked out four days a week with my brother, played basketball several days a week and was just athletic in general.

The day I met Kimmy I weighed 182lbs. I remember this because it was the last time I saw the southern side of 180lbs. Actually it's been about four years now that I have weighed in at over 200lbs.

I now stand at a robust 220lbs. Unacceptable.

This is the first time in my life that I have weighed 220lbs (my previous high coming a couple years ago when I weighed 217lbs!).

I don't have a particular plan, per se, but I do have some things I am going to change right off the bat.

Let me preface my currently short list of changes by saying I am not going to be some freak and cut out everything I find yummy (cheese, ice cream, etc.). I am just going to reduce the amount of completely empty calories, soda, and alcohol that I shove into my mouth or be smarter about it at least.

Note: Although I said alcohol above, it is the one thing I am going to try the least at. So be forewarned, I will be drinking plenty of Svedka and Capt Morgan this summer, just maybe with diet soda or 100% juice instead of the regular sugar/calorie laden liquids.

So I don't have much of a list or any real plan, like I already said, but there are some things I am going to just try my hardest to resist altogether and/or extremely limit myself.

Soda - I'm not going to drink NO soda, but I am going to severely limit myself (i.e. if I go out and have a rum & coke)

Cheese - again, definitely not going to stop eating cheese, but at this point I believe my BCL (blood cheese level) is at about that can be drastically reduced.

Snacks - this is pretty self explanatory, less cookies and ice cream and delicious chocolate treats of all kinds!

Portion control - this is a HUGE problem for me, I tend to gorge myself a little bit sometimes when presented with a really good meal, like a large steak dinner or chicken parm or baked ziti...

There are more things I could list, but it would become depressing at that point, but the point is I just need to eat less and exercise more.

Who of thunk it? It's like I just came up the idea myself just now or something.

My goal, nothing crazy, is to lose 20lbs by Labor Day.

I'm giving myself this weekend to kind of indulge for the last time.

Just adding another challenge to my life, but I'm ready to take it on.

Fatherhood and now my health, it's going to be a LOONNGGG summer!


  1. Hahaa nice reference -- "I had to beat them to death with their own shoe".

  2. I believe in you! When you put your mind to something you stick with it.

  3. Fatty McButterpants...mmmm I love Butter. Just call me Paula Dean! :)