Monday, February 15, 2010

To My Unborn Son...

Yeah, this is all rather surreal for me.  I'll just be upfront and get that out there.

It's so strange you are going to be here so soon now.  Roughly five weeks (March 20th is your mothers due date).  Could be less, could be more.

To say I'm anxious to see you would be a ridiculous understatement.  I've wanted to be a father for a little while now, but I was willing to wait it out because your mother wanted to be 'ready' to which I would tell her, "you can't ever fully prepare for kids" but I was willing to wait regardless.

Then fate, or God, or some other force decided it was time now.

I didn't complain, trust me, I wanted to be a father.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another quick hitter

The cat in this animation is the cartoon version of my cat Puffy. He's a big dumb animal that one.

Also, I don't know where I got the video from, I found it in my email and so I can't attribute it to the right person/website.

Cool website, worth a look!

Quick hit of a blog here, but this website was passed onto me at work by my friend Terry D.

Panoramic views of places in Utah.  Utah?  Yeah Utah, and it's very cool to look at.

My favorites are the Atrium and Cathedral of the Madeleine.

So here's the website, enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

Keys for the Saints on offense:  Control the line of scrimmage and try to establish some sort of running game.  If Dwight Freeney ends up being ruled out of the game because of his injury, they should double down on DE Robert Mathis as needed and try to ram the ball down their throats with Pierre Thomas between the tackles.

Reggie Bush is going to be a key figure in this game.  If New Orleans can get big plays out of him on tosses, sweeps, screens, and as a reciever he will play a major role.

Last, but not least, Drew Brees needs to make smart decisions against this Indy defense.  The Colts defense is a 'bend but don't break' defense and as such should be taken seriously.

Also, look for a huge game from TE Jeremy Shockey as he goes across the middle and picks up huge chunks of yards against the Colts Cover 2 zone coverage.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upstate Baby Beater

This guy should burn.

George Carter Thompson, 31, of White Birch Estates was watching his 5-month-old stepdaughter when apparently it struck him that this child needed to be punished. The little girls mother took her baby to Glens Falls Hospital where doctors said she was suffering from bruises, a broken leg, and a fractured skull.

How does this 'man' justify what he did? He can't. There is no justification for this.

The act of doing what he did was heinous enough, but to see that he was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree, a felony? You have got to be kidding me right? I mean there has to be something more serious to charge him with than 2nd degree assault...right?