Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Wordpress

I started this blog here on Blogspot/Blogger/whatever the site is called because I had no idea what I was doing and no idea where to start.

It was good here, but Wordpress has beckoned for me and so I have decided to move this blogs future posts to Don't Kid Yourself (on Wordpress).

So if there is anyone that actually reads my mush here, you will be able to find all new posts at the above link.

First post was put up yesterday, check it out here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad

Yep, that’s right- let the world know. I WANNA BE A BILLIONAIRE!! We are all guilty of having the “What would you do with $1 million” conversation. Will and I have seemed to make that a weekly conversation, which coincidentally ends up taking place on our way to work.

So what would I do with one million dollars? Well let me start out by saying for all you technical people, we are talking one million, cash…no taxes involved. In no particular order I would:

1. Pay off my debt- house, car, student loans. Can you imagine being DEBT FREE???

2. Buy a mansion?? Hell no fool! Do you not watch those shows about lottery winners going broke! This is why! I would still live in our house for a little bit, hiring people to fix it up. After a couple years I would move into a better school district, into a slightly bigger house (with a dishwasher- big dream, huh? Haha).

3. Get Prince a buddy! Even though he is a maniac at times, Prince is a great dog- I cannot ask for more. Once we move into a bigger house, with a bigger yard, I would definitely look into getting Prince a playmate. And yes, it would be another Boxer. And yes, I know we are crazy.

4. Quit my job!! Well….not really. Seeing that I have now acquired $1 million dollars, and have decided not to waste the money on a huge house I will have to clean or a super fast car that will never see the light of our 6 month long winters… I do have a little extra cash lying around. My family is definitely important to me- even more so after having Will Jr. I would LOVE to stay at home with Will Jr. Realizing how quick time flies, Will is not going to be little forever, and I want to be able to take advantage of the time I have. I’m thinking I’ll take a few years off, or maybe just work part time until he gets into kindergarten. Sounds like a plan, right? Which brings me to number 5…

5. MAKE BABIES!!!! Woohoo. It’s no secret that I would have 239048734958 kids if I could. With the million in the bank, I would definitely have another kid….or two ;) Come on guys, Will Jr is so cute…how could I go wrong!? *Although I have to admit, I may look into a house keeper once a week or so… god, I hate cleaning.

That’s pretty much it- nothing too exciting. The remaining money would be put into savings. Might think about a vacation after all the excitement of my million dollar winnings wears off..but I guess I have time to think about that.

So what are YOU going to do with your $1,000,000? Keep in mind, I do take donations!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Good to be Home!

It's always nice to go on a vacation, even if it's just a few days.

Sometimes that's all anyone can get away with, but it's nice to get away.  It's nice to not be home and having to deal with the normal chores that grown-up life brings (doing the dishes, laundry, yard work, etc).

I do enjoy a good vacation and everything that goes with it, it's relaxing and you get a chance to recharge a little and get yourself back to neutral.

This weekend for me was my lone vacation of the year (of the last two years actually) and it was spent in Watkins Glen, NY for the Wine Festival that occurs at the speedway there in Watkins Glen.  I had a great time.  Not a huge fan of wine, but $30 and you taste as much as you want?  Sign me up!

My wife and I spent the weekend being wino's with some good friends.  Wine tasting all day followed by drinks on the balcony of our hotel overlooking the lake at night.

All that being said?...I think coming home may be the best part of a vacation sometimes, not all the time, but definitely a lot of times.

Think about it.  You spent X amount of time away from home and then that last day comes that you are away and you think, "that was a good time", but then you move right on to, "I can't wait to get home!"

I don't know, that's what goes through my head at least.  Who doesn't like coming home to their own house or apartment (or whatever your living arrangement is)?

I love to come home after a good vacation because it's just that comfort level I guess.  There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed or sitting on your own front/back porch (if you have one or both of course).

To come home is just that, it's 'home', it's where you know everything and everyone (or in my case, no one!).

So in short, I like a good vacation, but there's nothing like coming home!

Friday, June 25, 2010

They're All Gone...

Frederick H. Boettner, June 19, 1919 - November 5, 1998
Mary Joan King, July 27, 1930 - September 22, 2003
Dorothy Mae Boettner, October 26, 1925 - October 6, 2007
William H. King, October 28, 1926 - March 26, 2009

Those are my grandparents in order of the day that they died.

It's a little depressing for me, but the other day at work I thought of something that reminded me of my Grampa Boettner and that led me to think about my other grandparents.

Good memories, each and every last one of them, but then it hit me all of a sudden and I said out loud (to myself), "They're all gone..."

Obviously, it made me pretty sad and it seemed so surreal I can't explain it.

I had always had my grandparents and I loved them so much, it was just shocking that my brain had just realized they were all dead now.  I was a pall bearer for each of them (among many others, my family likes to drop like flies from time to time).

It was hard to have that all hit me at once.  I mean I knew they were all passed on, but I had never really thought about it as a whole like that before.

So for anyone out there that has lost a grandparent and they were a big part of your life and you miss them like I miss mine, I'll say a prayer for them because I know I would want one said for mine.

Never forget them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Benedict Arnold?

I am, admittedly, not a big soccer fan.  I actually find soccer a little boring and my watching of soccer is relegated to huge matches (Olympics, World Cup, etc).

That being said, I believe the World Cup should be just like the Olympics and you should be rooting for your country or adopted country.

Like me? Born in the good ole United States of America.  Guess who my rooting interest lies with? That's right, big surprise, the USA.