Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fatty McButterpants

OK So I realize I'm not "fat", but I'm definitely overweight.

I blame it all on my wife, Kim. I, also, blame my grey hairs and bad back on her too, but that's a different blog altogether.

See before I met Kimmy, I worked out four days a week with my brother, played basketball several days a week and was just athletic in general.

The day I met Kimmy I weighed 182lbs. I remember this because it was the last time I saw the southern side of 180lbs. Actually it's been about four years now that I have weighed in at over 200lbs.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How My Son Joined Us

This is late for me to blog about this, but I've been busy, as you can imagine.

I mean I do have a baby now, they tend to take up a tad of your time.

Anyway, his trip to join us here was mostly calm, but a hurricane did disturb the waters there for a little while.

My sons due date was March 20th, but Kimmy (my wife) ended up having her blood pressure rise up to borderline high and since she was so late in the game the doctors figured they should just take him out.  Why play with fire, right?

So the induction was scheduled for March 18th (why couldn't it of been March 17th?...oh well, can't win em all!) which was only two days before the original due date.

My wife and I had to arrive at Bellevue Women's Hospital at the buttcrack of dawn almost, 5:45am, to fill out a little bit of paperwork and we were into our room at 6:00.

Then came all the hooking up that had to be done to my wife.  The IV to pump fluids into her and a little later the Pitocin.  Kimmy was not a fan of said Pitocin.

Everything was going quite smoothly.

Until the weird, annoying, english isn't my first name South American anesthesiologist became part of the picture.  Kimmy wanted to be numb for the oncoming explosion of pain she was just starting to feel through the intensifying contractions she was starting to feel.

I can't remember the doctor's name because, I'll be honest, I couldn't understand 90% of the words coming out of his mouth.  He wasn't very good at what he does, I know that much.

His job was to come in and get Kimmy hooked up to the epideral and ease the pain.

Guess what he didn't do? Yeah, not good at his job.

From the moment he started I knew there was something wrong with however he was trying to fix her up.

He kept making faces and mumbling and when he did say something I could understand he commented on how she wasn't sitting up straight (when she was) and kept making it sound like she had scoliosis or something.  If they would have taken my blood pressure at this point they probably would have told me to calm down before I had a stroke.

So, only fourty-five minutes later and this idiot gives up. 

He says he is going to go get a Dr. Kim.

So in comes Dr. Kim.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Will...NOT BILL!

I don't get it. I really don't.

Where does one derive Bill, from William?

Today at work I recieved an email about actual work (that does actually happen from time to time, believe it or not) and I worked it, finished it and then emailed the woman back to let her know it was all taken care of.

A couple minutes later the woman emails me back saying, "Thanks Bill....".

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Devon Alexander-Juan Urango 140lb unification

This is my round-by-round blog on the fight as I saw it live.

DA = Devon Alexander
JU = Juan Urango

Is that self explanitory? Yes.  But people never cease to amaze me!

Round 1: DA good right. Uppercut shortly after for DA. Another good uppercut for DA. JU is doing nothing. JU great right hand, jelly legged DA.

10-9 Alexander

Round 2: JU rushing DA to start round, good shots to the body. DA working jab, not too many land, but they are keeping JU out of range. JU with several good body shots. Very good right cross by DA. Another good overhand right for DA. Cut was opened up on JU at some point in the round.

10-9 Alexander

Round 3: JU rushing at the start again. DA is working in many more combinations. Great right for DA. JU’s cut now bleeding down the left side of his face. JU is imposing his style more, DA falling into trading instead of using the jab and movement.

10-9 Alexander

Round 4: More trading now. JU is drawing DA into a small slugfest now. Some beautiful counters for DA. More great countering by DA. JU doing a lot of bullrushing in with his head down and flailing. JU getting frustrated.

10-9 Alexander

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dumb Dog

So Prince is a good dog.

He really is.

So it was a little bit of a shocker to come home over the last week and a half or so to see what Prince has destroyed this time.

Mostly it was a plastic bag or napkins that were left on the end table or the coffee table.  It wasn't a big deal, just really...REALLY annoying.

So this past Friday I took everything he could eat (a large bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, a roll of paper towels and a few other things) and moved them onto the kitchen counter.

You would think everything was fine then, right?  Wrong.  Not with my lovely wife in the house!