Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upstate Baby Beater

This guy should burn.

George Carter Thompson, 31, of White Birch Estates was watching his 5-month-old stepdaughter when apparently it struck him that this child needed to be punished. The little girls mother took her baby to Glens Falls Hospital where doctors said she was suffering from bruises, a broken leg, and a fractured skull.

How does this 'man' justify what he did? He can't. There is no justification for this.

The act of doing what he did was heinous enough, but to see that he was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree, a felony? You have got to be kidding me right? I mean there has to be something more serious to charge him with than 2nd degree assault...right?

Apparently not.

I was arrested about five years ago (with my brother) and to make a long story short, we were defending ourselves against a drunken idiot that wanted nothing more than to fight someone and he chose us.

Hell, I wasn't even involved except to try and break it up and what did I get for my efforts? Two scars on my upper forearm where he BIT me so hard that he broke my skin through two layers of clothing.

We (my brother and I) got charged with 2nd degree assault, a felony (plead down to disorderly conduct) and we were defending ourselves from a lunatic.

So what you are telling me is a fight between grown men is the same as me going outside, finding a little baby, and throwing it around like a nerf football and that is the same thing?

The law is telling me that it is.

Common sense is telling me that it isn't.


  1. That's pretty efed up! I hope she doesn't have any permanent damage.. ugh..

  2. Looking at melanie, its quite obvious she has some "permanent damage" from whatever her parents did to her :-P LOL

  3. Look at Kimmy...she thinks she a riot...GIRL ooooooohhhhhhh