Monday, January 18, 2010

Raging Vegetarians

So sometimes I make myself read this blog on called Animal Rights by Patrick Battuello.

I "make" myself because he kinda pisses me off.  I don't know why I do it to myself.  I read it to anger myself basically for unknown reasons.

It's not the fact that he is a vegan/vegetarian or that he stands up for animal rights.  It's the fact that he makes me and everyone like me who eats meat sound like we are the worst people on the planet and the worst thing we could possibly every do is eat meat or products that come from animals (i.e. milk, eggs and the rest).

I don't disagree with people who are a vegan/vegetarian.  If that is your choice then more power to you and I don't really care.  Don't eat meat if that's what makes you happy.

To make me feel like I am less of a human or to feel like I am some dirtbag asshole because I eat turkey on Thanksgiving?  or a ham on Christmas or Easter?

Again, let me say, I have no problems with people who have that lifestyle, it's all fine and good and I respect it.

I just can't stand people like this guy Patrick here who says that animals should be treated the same as humans and if I don't also think that way I am primitive or lower on the civilized plane than he and the rest of the people like him are.

I can’t wait to have my turkey on Thanksgiving. Every year I look forward to it and I actually do give thanks for the good things that happen in my life and that fact that I am not like that bird on my table.

I don’t tell vegetarians that they are doing something wrong because they aren’t, so vegetarians shouldn’t tell me I am doing something wrong because I am not.  It's just a choice that we each have individually made and should be respected by the other side.

I mean humans are dying all over the world in hellish ways every day and to point out that a turkey is mistreated before becoming my dinner sickens me. Time to get priorities in order.

HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, all happen constantly and I have experienced all of these things in my own family and for someone to berate me because I eat a turkey on Thanksgiving? REALLY?

I don't think it's right for Mr. Battuello or people of his ilk to berate me or put me down and make me feel like I am no where near there plane of existence and that I am below them and there intellect.

The ferver that he and his kind have taken on in defense of their beliefs are no different than the religious zealot that wishes to force his respective religion upon you.

It's not right.  Respect me and I will respect you.

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  1. This guy is def overly biased and so much of a chicken (no meat pun intended)that he cant even handle someone posting a comment with a differing viewpoint! If anything, I would want everyone to comment, no matter what their opinion. It obviously means people are reading it, and being affected by it! IDIOT.