Monday, August 9, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad

Yep, that’s right- let the world know. I WANNA BE A BILLIONAIRE!! We are all guilty of having the “What would you do with $1 million” conversation. Will and I have seemed to make that a weekly conversation, which coincidentally ends up taking place on our way to work.

So what would I do with one million dollars? Well let me start out by saying for all you technical people, we are talking one million, cash…no taxes involved. In no particular order I would:

1. Pay off my debt- house, car, student loans. Can you imagine being DEBT FREE???

2. Buy a mansion?? Hell no fool! Do you not watch those shows about lottery winners going broke! This is why! I would still live in our house for a little bit, hiring people to fix it up. After a couple years I would move into a better school district, into a slightly bigger house (with a dishwasher- big dream, huh? Haha).

3. Get Prince a buddy! Even though he is a maniac at times, Prince is a great dog- I cannot ask for more. Once we move into a bigger house, with a bigger yard, I would definitely look into getting Prince a playmate. And yes, it would be another Boxer. And yes, I know we are crazy.

4. Quit my job!! Well….not really. Seeing that I have now acquired $1 million dollars, and have decided not to waste the money on a huge house I will have to clean or a super fast car that will never see the light of our 6 month long winters… I do have a little extra cash lying around. My family is definitely important to me- even more so after having Will Jr. I would LOVE to stay at home with Will Jr. Realizing how quick time flies, Will is not going to be little forever, and I want to be able to take advantage of the time I have. I’m thinking I’ll take a few years off, or maybe just work part time until he gets into kindergarten. Sounds like a plan, right? Which brings me to number 5…

5. MAKE BABIES!!!! Woohoo. It’s no secret that I would have 239048734958 kids if I could. With the million in the bank, I would definitely have another kid….or two ;) Come on guys, Will Jr is so cute…how could I go wrong!? *Although I have to admit, I may look into a house keeper once a week or so… god, I hate cleaning.

That’s pretty much it- nothing too exciting. The remaining money would be put into savings. Might think about a vacation after all the excitement of my million dollar winnings wears off..but I guess I have time to think about that.

So what are YOU going to do with your $1,000,000? Keep in mind, I do take donations!


  1. I would take at least half of it and Pay It Froward by giving it to people who are down on their luck and much less fortunate than I. I wiould take the rest and pay off my mortgage. other than that I would just maintain my current lifestyle.

  2. I am debt free. I live in a country where I don't need to pay for my education (up to Master's degree) or health care.

  3. Anonymous - Congratulations. Here's your cookie.