Sunday, June 20, 2010

Benedict Arnold?

I am, admittedly, not a big soccer fan.  I actually find soccer a little boring and my watching of soccer is relegated to huge matches (Olympics, World Cup, etc).

That being said, I believe the World Cup should be just like the Olympics and you should be rooting for your country or adopted country.

Like me? Born in the good ole United States of America.  Guess who my rooting interest lies with? That's right, big surprise, the USA.

This little rant comes from noticing some people at work (among other places) and hearing about how they are openly rooting for other countries, even though they are born and raised AMERICAN.

This isn't like rooting for some NBA, MLB, etc team.  This is your country.

I mean, say for example, you're back and high school, and just for the sake of argument, you attend a basketball game.  You wouldn't sit on the opposing teams sideline and root for the school you didn't go to.  It wouldn't make any sense.

My sisters boyfriend (and father of my nephew) Martin and his brothers?  They could root for Puerto Rico if they were apart of this World Cup.  Know why? They were BORN in Puerto Rico, they are Puerto Ricans and therefore can openly root for Puerto Rico.

So ladies and gentleman, if you were born here in this very country, that makes you an American.

You root for the USA.

If not, you are a traitor and will be shot.  Kidding, but seriously, don't root for another country.

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  1. They shouldn't be shot unless it is to maim them for life.

  2. 1. I had a friend who went to RPI and openly rooted for Clarkson and wore a Clarkson hat. He did it because he's an a**hole.

    2. Technically, your Puerto Rican friends could also root for America too, since in addition to being their own team they're also a territory of the United States. So they get TWO TEAMS, which is TOTES UNFAIR.

    3. Welcome aboard! :)

  3. Eeem. I'm not so sure I agree with you. It's a big planet, my friend - and while I certainly do find myself 110% an American, (not only was I born here, but I just love this country) there are just some things that I think other countries are more talented at - so rooting for them isn't bad if you admire their skill.

    Benedict Talar