Friday, May 7, 2010

My Son and His Ways...

OK, I realize that my son is only seven weeks and one day old, but he already has some personality traits coming out.

I will go about listing some things that I have noticed about my little man (the Mini Me, if you will<---a play on words right there!).

* I love when he does, what we call, the "Whole Body Freak-out".

The "Whole Body Freak-out" is when for no apparent reason he throws his hands and feet out away from his body as fast as his little reflexes can make them go. We don't yet know why he does this. He could have a problem (hope not) or he could just be very dramatic (all mom right there, and I know you are reading this and disagreeing with me, I don't care what you say woman, it's from you!!!).

* There are times when I hold him and I talk to him in my little baby voice that everyone has apparently and he takes his lips and forms a tight "O" with them and then when I copy him he begins to laugh, A LOT.

It appears I am being trained by my son.

No wonder it's so easy for women to "train" us, seven week old babies can train us. Obviously we're easy to mold.

* This isn't the nicest thing to say about someone, but...he farts. He farts loud and a lot.

It might be a normal thing, but damn he farts sooooo loud. Long rolling farts that would make any dad proud.

* My wife breast feeds Will and he is a good eater (he gets that from the both of us, definitely), he just doesn't do it quietly.

He makes all sorts of noises. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, but always makes noises, baby noises, but I swear if he could talk he'd be saying something like, "oh my God mommy, this is the best food EVER, I love it soooo much, please don't stop feeding me, I could eat FOREVER."

It seems breast milk is my sons heroin.

* Will has tons of expressions. He is a very VERY animated child.

My favorites are when he looks me dead in the face and then raises his eyebrows as high as he can, as if he is super surprised by something and makes his "O" face. It kills me every time.

* When Will doesn't want a blanket on him, he will get the blanket off of him.

I've wrapped him like a friggin burrito with the blanket when it's been cold and I would, I thought, make it so there would be no way that he could possibly get out of it. I mean he doesn't even have full control of his limbs yet, right? son is gangsta at getting out of being basically tied up in a blanket.

I've watched him do it. He wriggles and writhes over and over again, kicking and pushing until the cover is off and on the floor. Maybe he is the next Houdini or something.

* Last thing I can think of right now, but he LOVES music.

If he is being fussy, I'll throw some music on my laptop and he gets immediately quiet.

He wants to eat and the tap isn't available for a little while (usually because she is towards the end of a nap and just needs a few more minutes, as a side, I don't know why she needs naps...I mean she isn't doing anything special or whatever...KIDDING...TOTALLY KIDDING, all mothers can put those shanks back down, k thanks) I throw some music on and totally quiet.

Any kind of music too. I've put on everything from Gene Wilder singing "Pure Imagination" to Papa Roach's "Last Resort" to Jay-Z's "Forever Young" and it all has the same effect, Will being quiet, I love it!

So music is our friend right now.

I know that this list will grow exponentially in the near future. That just means I'll have plenty of fodder for a blog. My sons life is likely to be chronicled on this blog so pay attention!


  1. I love the pictures!! :) Especially the first one!!! He looks sooo big in that pic!

  2. Looking forward to the next one!! Great pictures, he is so handsome!

  3. I love the sayings on his little outfits! Baby farts are hysterical. Aww, and he loves music! Maybe he'll be the next American Idol! Team Will!

  4. Thanks everyone, he's growing up faster than I had thought it was going to happen and he's only 7 weeks's gonna be a long life! haha

    @Amanda, American Idol winner would be fantastic, mommy & daddy don't wanna work anymore! =)

  5. I can't believe how big and expressive he is already. I really miss him.... I can't wait to see u guys!