Tuesday, April 6, 2010


How do you judge if something you purchased is justified?

I wondered this after I heard someone at work telling another co-worker that they bought a pair of Jordan's for $110.

When I hear that it immediately makes me think how I could possibly justify buying a pair of sneakers for over 100 dollars.

I, personally, couldn't.

I actually couldn't understand how this person could considering they have children and an apartment and obviously other bills that need to be paid. That isn't any of my business why he bought them or how he justified it to himself, it really has nothing to do with me.

It's not like I don't like this man either.  I consider him a friend and he can spend his money how he choose, I'm no one to judge, trust me.

I tend to hear how other people spend their own money and wondering how they could possibly spend their money on certain things (cruises, sneakers, vacations, multiple fantasy sports leagues [yes I actually just said that cause I know people who actually participate in MANY pay-in fantasy leagues] etc...) when they obviously have other things that should be taken care of first (house fixing, bills, having no money in the first place).

Again, it's no of my business how other people spend their money. I mean God forbid someone had the nerve to question me personally on why I bought a certain thing or whatever the case may be.

I guess this type of spending all comes down to how people prioritize their lives.

I have been known to buy a video games here and there and they are typically 50-60 bucks a pop, but I literally buy only 3-4 games a year (note: this is how I justify this to myself!, my wife would disagree with my justification, but she gets her hair done, so we call it even!).

But, like I said before, it's not my business.

I just hear about how other people spend their money (which, again, is none of my business) and I tend to think about other ways I could put that money to use.

Although I know people have to look at me and say, "He spent how much on that?" when I make a purchase, of my own, on occasion.

Kind of like when my wife comes home with highlights and a cut or a thinning or whatever it is these people get done with their hair now.

I honestly don't know how she can justify it!

Like this Chi crap?  Can't justify it!


  1. I LOVE this. Whenever Christmastime comes around, I say "How come the crappiest house that could use some new siding, some TLC on the lawn, etc. is always the house with the huge blowup santa and reindeer? Those things are NOT cheap!" How do they justify it, I'd like to know.

    In fact, your new phrase should be "Justify it." I dig it.

  2. Yeah seems there are quite a few of those houses with a huuuuuuge (thanks to Billy Fuccillo) Santas on their lawns.

    It's ok though, they look cute and are MUCH more important than a roof or fixing the patches of grass missing in random spots or the front steps that are broken!