Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Confused

I get that people ride bikes. Hell I even get it that they ride then in the road when there are no sidewalks.

But, with that caveat. No sidewalks? Ride your bike in the road all day with no sidewalks. Have a great time, throw a party if it makes you happy.

I may be in the minority here, I don't know, but aren't roads for big boy vehicles? Cars, trucks, buses, etc.?

I think they are or at least they should be.

It boggles my mind whenever I see a person on a bike riding in traffic on Central Ave. or Western Ave. or Washington Ave. or any other street that is slammed with traffic more times than not.

Doesn't it seem a bit, unsafe?

I used to ride my bike ALL the time....on the sidewalk (unless there wasn't one, obviously). Know why I rode my bike on the sidewalk? That's where the cars/trucks/buses AREN'T!!

I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of people I see riding their bikes in the road. THE ROAD!!

It's even more boggling of my mind is when I see them riding their bikes in the road and they aren't following the rules they are supposed to follow like every other vehicle on the road (i.e. not hand signaling, not stopping for red lights, stop signs, etc...).

Half of the time I am so annoyed with them I feel like I want to open my door real quick just to remind them that the roads aren't for bikes.

This is 2010 for Christ sake. Smarten up!

There aren't any horse drawn buggies out there anymore. There is seriously tonnage of automobiles out there. Automobiles that could smash the life out of your body.

It just doesn't seem like the smart, intelligent thing to do.

Like I said, I may be in the minority on this, but, call me crazy, it just seems like common sense.

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